An instant 2-Way Sync for ANY iCal / .ics calendar to your Website

VR Calendar Sync

You can use our free calendar version to sync your Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway, FlipKey, Kigo, Google Calendar or any other iCAL / ics file to your WordPress or other website instantly.

Our Pro version ads a Stripe / Paypal interface, and our Enterprise versions add many top grade tools including a search bar and a multi-unit calendar too!

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Small, non-competitive ad on top of calendar
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No booking or advanced features
Create Free Calendar Instantly

Set up your calendars in less than a minute!

With VR Calendar Sync you can create as many calendars as you like, and easily add them to any existing website!

Step 1 Signup

Sign up for a Free VR Calendar Sync account

2. Enter your iCal / ics links

Enter your ics links from Airbnb, VRBO, etc, choose any colors you want to match your site (optional) and click sync.

3. Paste the VR Cal Sync code anywhere on your site!

You will get a custom code like [VR Calendar Sync XXXXXX]. Simply paste this code snippet anywhere on your site, and you have an instant calendar that is automatically synced with your other sources!


Free and Unlimited

Create as many calendars as you like, all free (with ads) or only $5 a month (no ads and ALL features)

Take bookings directly

With the Pro version you can take Paypal bookings directly on your own website, save $$$ and no expensive platform fees

Change colors

You can change all colors of the calendar and text as well to match your website’s theme!

Add a Search Bar

Pro version comes with great tools, like adding a fully customizable search bar to search any or all of your properties for availability, great for those with more than one unit to 1000+!

Mobile Ready

Vr Calendar Sync looks great on any device, computer, tablets, and phones right out of the box!

Easy to Install

No technical experience or developer required! Just copy and paste the code wherever you want your VR Calendar!

2 Way Auto-sync

VR calendar syncs 2 WAYS automatically to VRBO®, Flipkey, Airbnb or any other iCal/ICS calendar!

No platform fees

Don’t make your guests pay crazy expensive VRBO or Airbnb guest fees, let them book directly with you to save big $$$

VRCalendarSync Works with all iCal / ics Platforms

Not just sync, but 2-way sync!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Does the Calendar do “two way sync” or only one way?
A:  Yes our calendar does TWO WAY SYNC! . Each calendar has a unique ical URL that you can copy and paste back into Airbnb, VRBO, etc for 2 way sync. So whenever you get a booking on your website, it will automatically upload back into Airbnb etc to show that it is unavailable.

Q: Can you take deposits or split billing? For example 50% upfront, remainder due 30 days before check-in?
A: Yes VR Calendar Sync can do this. In each calendar, you can set the deposit percentage to be charged upfront (either by Stripe, PayPal, or both) then set the number of days before check-in when the remainder is due.

Q: Does VR Calendar Sync send emails for me?
A: Yes we will email both the admin (you), another designated third party if you wish, and the guest who makes a reservation if you like. All emails can be edited.

Q: Whats the difference between “Plans” and the “Plugin”
A: We offer VR Calendar in two main “flavors”, one is a plan that is billed monthly (or free!, depending on features) and another one which is a wordpress plugin that is billed yearly.

They offer very similar features, except the wordpress plugin can only be used on wordpress and the plan version can be used on nearly any site, and is easier to setup. Also the plans version is hosted on our high bandwidth server, and will not have any conflicts with your existing wordpress theme or other plugins so it may be a good choice in some cases as well even for wordpress users.

We offer Free versions of both, so check them out and decide which one you like!

Please note, there is no communication between the Plans Dashboard, and the wordpress plugin, which can only be managed via the wordpress dashboard. For questions, just ask us!

Q: Can I take bookings and process payments with VR Calendar?
A: Yes! The Pro and Enterprise versions support Paypal standard payments, and Stripe integration! It is very easy to setup!

Q: Will the VR Calendar Sync widget work with a site?
A: doesn’t support widgets, but offer we a plugin instead that will work easily on any or privately hosted wordpress account!

Q: How do I import to Airbnb or Export from Airbnb to VR Calendar Sync?

A: If you have Airbnb, you can both import and export your calendar easily to Airbnb

  • Log into Airbnb and go to Host > Calendars
  • Click on Availability Settings
  • Click on Sync Calendars
  • From there you can both Import and Export your VR Calendar Sync
  • To Export, click on Export, then copy the URL (it will look something like
  • Paste that into your VR Calendar Sync dashboard and now you are importing Airbnb to your VR Calendar Sync
  • To Import your VR Calendar to your Airbnb, go to your VR Calendar Dashboard, then click on the Edit link
  • Select the calendar Export link, and copy it. Now go to your Airbnb Import calendar and paste this link into the Calendar Address (URL) and now you have two way sync between Airbnb and your VR Calendar!

Q: How do I import to and Export from Homeaway or VRBO to VR Calendar Sync?

A: Go to and log in to your owner dashboard. Next,

  • Click on Calendar
  • Click on the little calendar icon to Import/Export your calendar

  • Choose Export, this will show your .ics link
  • Copy and paste this link in to your desired calendar in the VR Calendar Dashboard and click save.
  • Now Copy and paste the VR Calendar Export link.
  • Go to the VRBO Import Calendar section, and paste the VR Calendar Sync link into the Calendar URL
  • Now you have setup 2 way sync between VRBO and VR Calendar Sync!

Get VR Calendar Now

Free Forever
Always Free
Small, non-competitive ad on top of calendar
Full color customization
No booking or advanced features
Create Free Calendar Instantly

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