• Consolidate multiple ics, iCal links into one calendar to easily show your property availability
  • If there is overlap on multiple calendars, just show busy
  • One property (calendar) only, up 3 ics links merged in FREE version
  • Uses <shortcode> to display calendar on any page / post in wordpress
  • User can change calendar options in admin screen○ background, calendar lines / text, free and booked colors (hex colors with chooser)○ Number or rows and columns configurable
    ○ Small, med, large size of calendars.
    ○ Fully responsive design for mobile, tablets, fits any device automatically!
  • Has its own widget on the WP dashboard sidebar for easy access

Additional Features:

  • Alert if there is any “booked” calendar overlap (ie same dates booked from different sources) in dashboard and by email to admin user when detected
  • Can set and show prices on open dates for direct booking
  • Make it easy for user: default price for each calendar in settings, and price can be overridden individually by day if required for high season
  • Select and submit booking request for open dates.
  • Emails admin -> Admin approves or declines in dashboard -> If approves, user pays via simple paypal redirect -> and if successful paypal redirects back to site and dates are auto blocked as busy blocked. Otherwise, dates stay open
  • Must be able to handle multiple properties each with its own calendar
  • Pro: Up to 5 properties (calendars), 5 ics links each calendar,booking option enabled
  • Uses <shortcode> to display calendar on any page / post○ Each property (calendar) will have its own unique shortcode

Special Privileges:

  • Up to 50 properties (calendars), 10 ics links each calendar, booking optionenabled (Stripe and Paypal Integration)
  • One year free upgrades and support

Billed once per year until cancelled


Settings: Booking Option




Main Dashboard

Setting: Color Option

Sample Calendar


Adding a Calendar