The best testimonial is seeing what our plugin can do, live on a customer site!

Of course, you can check out our in house developed, 4 page compete VR Calendar Plugin demo. We also have an admin page demo, so you can see what our plugin looks like “under the covers”.

But I think some of the other best demos you can see are what my amazing customers have done on their actual, live, vacation rental sites!

So I recently sent out an email to our hundreds of paid professional and enterprise plugin users, asking for examples of how they have customized and deployed our plugin.

They have deployed my plugin to their sites, customized the colors and font, and integrated everything perfectly.

And the best part is I got TONS of responses back. I couldn’t post them all, so I choose 12 unique examples of different sites, all using our VR Calendar Sync Pro or Enterprise plugin.

The results are fantastic. We have examples of beach cottages, villas, cabins, houses and more, all over the world.

Check out our amazing customer Vacation Rental Calendars Actual Customer Examples – Click Here.

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