VR Calendar Multi-payment is a useful Add-on plugin that will allow you some very powerful control of your calendar. With this plugin activated, you will be able to:

  1. Set a different PayPal address for EACH and EVERY calendar you create
  2. Set a different Stripe ID for EACH and EVERY calendar you create
  3. Choose ANY currency type for each calendar as well (Example, one calendar can be Australian dollars, one can be Euros, etc).
  4. If a calendar does not have any info filled out in the Payment Options settings, the calendar will use the default Payment options defined in the VR Calendar Sync general settings field.

This setup is very useful if you are an agent or property manager of many different properties. Now, you can let each property owner directly collect payment for their respective calendar, in any currency they like!

System Requirements:

Please note this is an Add-On Plugin and therefore requires a current licensed copy of our Pro or Enterprise Plugins to operate. If your Pro or Enterprise license has expired, unfortunately you cannot activate any add-on plugins either, but contact us for a renewal discount to get all your licenses current!

Requires version 2.7.1 or higher to function properly.


Billed once per year until cancelled