This Enterprise version has all the features of our Regular Enterprise, but also includes support for up to 500 individual calendars / properties per plugin. Please note, while the plugin itself can support 500 calendars, make sure you have an adequate server and infrastructure to handle a site this large.

In order to UPGRADE to this version from a different version (and receive the appropriate discount): Please login first (opens in a new page), then come back to this page, reload it, and the discount will be automatically applied.


On this page we will keep track of the changes in each version. Supported users can download the latest version for free. Contact us if you have trouble upgrading.
Also be sure to add your name to the mailing list if you want to be emailed about updates.

Version Number Date Notes
1.0 7/14/2015 Initial Release
1.0.1 8/30/2015 Missing Links Updated
1.0.2 9/23/2015 Fixed minor bugs in saving calendar data
1.0.3 10/12/2015 -Fixed calendar design issues with different themes
-Last sync date on front now follows the WordPress timezone setting.
1.0.4 10/21/2015 -Fixed Sync Issue that over-wrote custom set prices
1.0.5 11/7/2015 -Fixed Issue with repeating months when month had 31 days
1.0.6 11/10/2015  -Enterprise version now supports up to 100 calendars!

-Allows users to disable attribution link in the Settings menu
-Includes direct link to documentation from dashboard for ease of use under the Information menu

1.1.0 11/30/2015 -Support for English, Spanish, and French!
+Support for 135 Currency types including USD, GBP, Euros, AUS, CAD, and many more!
1.1.1 12/3/2015 -Support for wordpress version 4.4
+Enterprise version upgraded to include Global Search Feature!
1.1.2 12/7/2015 -Fixed Font issue – fonts can now be modified for each calendar in the options tab, this was previously not always working
-Fixed issue where Spanish Days were showing instead of English days even when English was selected-Registration with your license key is now required
1.1.3 12/19/2015 Enterprise Only Features

Added Price Slider Option to search bar
Added ability to display search results on separate page or same page
Added ability to charge more for extra guests
Added catch-all optional line item for extra fees

1.2.0 12/25/2015 Enterprise Only Features

Added weekly and monthly pricing options
Added Advanced search displays to include picture and map when results displayed on a new page (not inline)

1.2.1 12/30/2015 Enterprise Only Features

Added weekly and monthly pricing to Seasonal / Custom Pricing Options

2.0 5/5/2016 A long time coming, a whole lot of new features!

WPML Support added (WP Multi-lingual) – Encapsulate all text and make it compatible with the WPML plugin for multilingual use in any country
Improve plugin speed and load time dramatically (minimizing and including required scripts)
New Tab: Messaging. Allow users to see, edit, and modify individual messages sent to users.
Change Admin email address to by any email address or the WP admin
Add Duplicate Calendar Functionality to make a copy of existing calendar
Add deposits functionality to take a partial instead of full payment upfront. Admin can set initial deposit and balance due in X days before check-in date.
iCal Export Add-On: Ability to export ical format of entire merged calendar via link
Option to allowing Morning Check-out / Afternoon – Check in On / OFF. For instance, a current one day appointment for Oct 18 shows it starting afternoon of Oct 18 and ending morning of Oct 19. With this option turned off, then it just shows a standard one day appointment.
Have an option in booking options to show the booking form directly next to or below the calendar (Booking Form Options: Next to Calendar, Below Calendar, Upon Click Only).
Ability to set any date as unavailable directly from booking page. Include this option under Custom Prices.
Add a phone number field to the booking form
Show price of each available night on calendar or on mouseover or on the date itself- be able to turn this option on and off
Add Sync Label inputs: Calendar Name, VRBO, Airbnb, Homeaway, Flipkey, Google, Custom (user can edit) So on the Booking Dashboard users can see where the booking came from – Showing all bookings option / Show only Local Bookings option (including the ones imported), the source (Website or Label from above)

2.1.0 6/5/2016 Weekend Pricing

Added Weekend pricing Feature
Fixed issue with some emails being sent out blank
Fixed some JS conflicts with certain theme types

2.1.1 6/21/2016
Fixed some https and SSL errors
Fixed calculation display issue on booking forms

2.2.0 7/7/2016
New feature (much requested) – Edit bookings! Now you can change any part of a booking without deleting it and re-adding it. Be careful with your new power.
Fixed bug where when booking form was on the side of the calendar, it looked terrible on mobile devices
Fixed bug where you could select more than the max number of guests on the booking forms
Fixed bug with max number of nights
Fixed bug where booking amount was incorrect on the booking details
Added Booking ID to the booking details

2.2.1 7/15/2016
Fixed bug that sometimes counted minumum nights incorrectly and wouldn’t let bookings with more than min nights complete.

2.2.2 7/24/2016
Fixed min nights bug

2.2.3 8/10/2016
Fixed seasonal nights bug
Added feature to re-send deposit reminder and balance email when deposit is enabled and there is a remaining balance (go to bookings details and look for Deposit Reminder button)

2.2.4 8/15/2016
Fixed seasonal night bug (for new calendars, certain instances, seasonal min nights would over-ride default min-nights)

2.3.0 8/23/2016
User can change definition of a week / month to suit their booking style.

2.3.1 9/7/2016
Fixed Deposit Bug where full price of reservation was charged upfront instead of the deposit amount.

2.4.1 12/12/2016
Added major new feature: Multi-unit calendar (Enterprise Only for now)
Fixed some small display bugs and taxation bug where extra guest fees were not included in the amount to be taxed.

2.5.1 1/16/2017
Added major new feature: Add a required Rental Agreement (all versions). Require users to check a box stating that they read a PDF rental agreement of your choice. You can have a different rental agreement for each calendar. Guests get a link to the agreement in the booking confirmation email.
Fixed Stripe bug that didn’t charge correct amount on the deposit, also added amount being charged to payment form to prevent confusion when using deposits
Added a few features to the bookings screen: Search by date of reservation, search for text string in the reservation (like email or name).
Added a new feature to “Approval required” emails: now clicking on the link in the email will bring you to the Exact Booking, instead of just the bookings screen. Save time when approvals are required!

2.6.0 2/25/2017
New Fees Section: Now, instead of one cleaning fee and one misc fee, you can add as many fees as you like.
Also, you can make fees optional, and taxable or not taxable, depending on your preferences
Added the ability to set a max price for the search bar slider
Changed the cursor type on the mouseover of the calendar when booking page is on a different page then the calendar
Fixed some alignment issues with certain themes

2.6.1 2/28/2017
Regarding new fees options from 2.6, 2.6.1 now updated search results to show the new fee breakdown as well

2.7.0 4/6/2017
New Date Format selector: Choose a date style for all calendars in settings. Date options are now: Year-Month-Day, Month-Day-Year, Day-Month-Year
Fixed bug with new fee section that was not counting extra guest fees in the total

2.7.1 4/19/2017
Fixed bug with Seasonal Dates getting corrupted
Fixed bug with deposit feature: when date of booking was less than number of days of deposit balance due there should be no deposit charged, instead charge 100% of reservation
Removed unnecessary timestamp from date in booking emails
Changed date format in emails to match date format selected in settings
Fixed google MAPS API conflict issue

2.7.2 4/28/2017
Fixed bug with Seasonal Dates read in wrong order with new date format

3.4.8 8/8/2019
Many updates – now works with latest PHP 7.2

3.4.9 8/9/2019
Fixed date string error.

3.4.10 8/9/2019
Fixed deposit payment issue for email or admin details using Stripe/Paypal.

3.5.0 8/30/2019
Fixed sync issue without logging in to the admin.
Fixed duplicated seasonal pricing options.

3.5.1 9/11/2019
PHP 7.3 compatible issues fixed
Activation error fixed
new required editor for pages saving issues.

3.5.2 10/01/2019
Multi calendar next button display issue fixed.
NEW feature highlighted date when click from the calendar form below options.

3.5.3 10/08/2019
Update notification for the latest version of the plugin was already fixed.

3.5.4 10/23/2019
UI Admin for Safari browser fixed.
Pound Currency special character from booking form removed and fixed. 10/29/2019
Feature added delete all selected data from bookings.

3.5.5 11/06/2019
Euro currency special character display incorrectly – fixed.

Sync issue for some hosting not working – fixed.

3.5.6 11/09/2019
Clone calendar not working – Fixed

3.5.7 11/29/2019
Added new feature for minimum days/night prices to be enabled if the customer selected above minimum days/night it will lower the unit price per night.

3.5.8 12/29/2019
Search feature issues/bugs Fixed.
Added new features for Reports to monitor your average and booked percentage.

3.5.9 01/14/2020
Minor bugs issues fixed.
Added new Feature for listings using its shortcode in the vrcalendar settings.

3.5.10 02/05/2020
Fixed spam emails.
Changed Captcha options using Google reCaptcha API 02/07/2020
Fixed booking issues!

3.6.1 02/10/2020
Payment issue fixed on edit price for bookings that you want to change the price and will reflect on the payment page.

3.6.2 02/20/2020
Shortcode attributes added in listings shortcode.
Timezone connectivity from wordpress settings. you can now change the timezone and it will reflect to the vrcalendar plugin.

3.7.1 03/06/2020
Fixed Seasonal Prices that deleted when the dates was duplicated on the other calendar.
Fixed issue from calendar previous button after clicked displays 13 years advanced.
Payment button change to disabled if the payment was on process to avoid double charges.

3.7.2 03/18/2020
Captcha Double display fixed!
Classic editor remove notification to be install.
Booking form styling border overlapped Fixed.
Gutenberg editor Fixed saving issue.

3.8.1 04/11/2020
Added Feature options Taxes Charge per Person.
Added Below Age to be label on child input field.
Fixed issues for showing child input field even if “Display Child input Field” set to no.
past year dates booking will be deleted.
past dates Blocked booking will be deleted.
past dates Seasonal Rates will be deleted.

3.8.2 04/23/2020
Fixed Set to no options for title form to display.
Fixed Add booking admin issues.
Fixed Deposit amount returned 0 value.

3.8.3 05/29/2020
Updated/Fixed Language Translation issue

3.9.0 06/17/2020
Fixed click to highlight date issue.
Fixed no highlight date while selecting the half of the day booked.
Fixed some error bugs.
Fixed issues for not showing the minimum number of nights validation.
Fixed and restructure the sync options and change to cron event.
Changed reCaptcha to put your site key on the api VRCalendar plugin settings.
Fixed Issues for extra fees w/ tax calculations
Fixed Enable custom field issue for not showing on the booking next to calendar option.
Fixed City field issue for not showing on the booking next to calendar option.
Fixed State field issue for not showing on the booking next to calendar option.
Fixed Country field issue for not showing on the booking next to calendar option.

3.9.1 06/25/2020
Fixed error issues showing with empty values.
Fixed error if the shortcode for calendar id are not exist.
Created a label error if calendar id shortcode is not exist.
Fixed error if the shortcode for multi-calendar id are not exist.
Created a label error if multi-calendar id shortcode is not exist.
Created a label error if Searchbar id shortcode is not exist.
Created a label error if Rates id shortcode is not exist.
Created a label error if Book now button id shortcode is not exist.
Fixed issues for sorting calendar name table on the admin dashboard.
Fixed issues for sorting date table on the admin dashboard.
Fixed issues for adding single quotation on the calendar links name that having an error.
Fixed issues from paypal payment after the final deposit not updating status.

3.9.2 06/29/2020
Fixed issues for paypal error on the payment page.

3.9.3 07/16/2020
Fixed issue for Booking disabled for search option.
Stripe will not be visible if there’s no key value.

4.1.0 09/07/2020
New UI feature.
Added field type for email logs tabs to trace what email subject has been sent.
Created Calendar View tab to show the blocked dates, booking and synced dates (Enterprise Version Only).
You can block dates in calendar view tab (Enterprise Version Only).
Click details to show for Confirmed bookings and Needs Approval bookings from Calendar view data (Enterprise Version Only).

4.2.1 10/10/2020
Fixed bugs & issues.
Add manual booking module for Admin (Pro & Enterprise Version Only).

4.2.2 11/04/2020
Fixed tool tip issues on Seasonal rates and weekend rate.
Fixed Multi Calendar UI on mobile devices.

4.3.0 12/23/2020
Fixed payment page bug issues.
Fixed %booking_children% template not showing on email.
Stripe SCA Payment Updated
Fixed errors & bugs issues for admin pages
Fixed errors & bugs issues for shortcodes user pages
Paypal payment issues fixed

4.3.1 1/20/2021
Fixed Payment Source not updating manually.
Fixed Extra fees section not showing on booking form.
Stripe Currency issue fixe

4.3.2 2/17/2021
calendar frontend shows all bookings and blockings, also from ical sync
calendar backend shows all bookings and blockings, also from ical sync
bookings have to be confirmed
sync with the external ical site works fine
Fixed date now can’t be book in multi calendar
Fixed date now can’t be book in calendar
Fixed CSS Admin squeezes all elements
Fixed past bookings issue 2/18/2021
Fixed Booking status issue

4.3.3 3/16/2021
Fixed Captcha issue
Fixed Seasonal pricing issue
Fixed Discount Coupon issue
Fixed Calendar date format issue

4.3.4 3/19/2021
Fixed discount code coupon calculation
Fixed Payment page not showing

4.3.5 4/05/2021
Fixed bug discount code coupon calculation issues
Show coupon percentage on the form
Fixed date format issues in booking form
Fixed blocked dates present month not showing from the admin
Fixed Sync issue not syncing the unavailable/blocked date on the list vise versa

4.3.6 5/29/2021
Sanitized & Filters a string cleaned and escaped scripts for output
Fixed email after payment notification
Fixed final deposit payment issues
Translation template updated

4.3.7 6/17/2021
Fixed UI conflict in DIVI admin when VRCalendar plugin installed.
Fixed Rates tables overlapping and broken design in mobile
Fixed bugs issues

4.4.1 9/18/2021
Fixed issues for PHP-8 Version Conflicts
Fixed Seasonal pricing in booking form summary
Fixed date picker design on blocking dates
Fixed Stripe error in payment page
Fixed Booking page not showing right price per night.
Paypal payment status issue fixed
✓ Add total amount in deposit booking form
✓ customise the link text of “rental agreement”
✓ add more Custom fields

4.4.2 9/25/2021
Fixed not updating calendar settings and options
Fixed thank you page error bugs

4.4.3 10/28/2021
Fixed Email template options not updating data.
Fixed Rental agreement link issue.
Fixed City, Country, State not showing in the booking details.
Fixed City, Country, State not showing after approved booking.
Fixed Seasonal Rates bug issues.

4.5.0 01/29/2022
Fixed date from/to issue in Stripe payment page.
Fixed Payment page error in payment page conflict with VRCalendar multi payment plugin.
Fixed after paypal payment status pending to confirmed
Updated template for .po file in translation
Fixed Tooltip Price issue

4.5.1 06/08/2022
Fixed Stripe Issue for payment checkout
Fixed error issues in php8 version
Search bar UI enhanced
Fixed conflict issues

4.5.2 11/03/2022
Fixed error issues in php8 version
Fixed conflict issues

4.5.3 12/01/2022
Fixed critical error issues

4.5.4 01/30/2023
Fixed sync issues with unicode/special characters in string
Fixed stripe payment bug issue using VR Calendar Multi-Payment plugin is active

4.5.5 03/28/2023
Fixed Email not received after payment
Fixed minor bugs/issues

4.5.6 05/04/2023
Fixed ics synced issues
Fixed filter bookings

4.5.7 06/06/2023
Fixed filter bookings for web site booking value
Added error validation in payment page

4.5.8 07/17/2023
Fixed sync error issues

4.5.9 08/08/2023
Fixed Stripe error issue

4.6.0 12/13/2023
Fixed UI issues in My Calendar
Fixed UI issue in calendar shortcode
Fixed style in Dashboard
Fixed search issues/bugs result response are no results
Fixed the code for compatibility in php8.2
Fixed sync calendar issue
New feature for search bar results as listing/grid layout

4.6.1 02/14/2024
Fixed Manual blocking dates not saving in MY Calendar
Fixed Date format issues
Fixed ics link export that blocked dates will be included on the ics link data

4.6.2 02/15/2024
Fixed bug alert issue in extra fees form

4.6.3 02/23/2024
Fixed date format from booking shortcode issue

4.6.4 03/07/2024
Fixed save button not showing
Updated iCal url path to wp-uploads

4.6.5 03/14/2024
fixed sync return error in some ics links

Billed once per year until cancelled